Join and Support Us

Do you and the Kiwanis match?

  1. I am interested in the developmental well-being of the local, metropolitan and international communities.
  2. I am particularly concerned about the well-being of children.
  3. I am willing to give at least one hour per week to realize one and two.
  4. I am willing to pay annual dues of $165, a weekly donation to COMEC and occasionally a donation to a specified charitable cause.
  5. I am willing to visit at least one other Kiwanis club in our district in a year.
  6. I am willing to work harmoniously and cooperatively with fellow Kiwanians in realizing one and two.

If you can answer in the affirmative to the above, then Kiwanis is the right service club for you.

How to Join

Kiwanis International is a voluntary organization. Each club chooses its members and membership is open to men and women of moral character and good community standing, who reside in or have other interests within the area served by the club. A Kiwanian is expected to be involved in all activities of the club.

Each Kiwanis Club establishes its own membership fees. The Whitehaven Kiwanis Club determines its membership fees based upon the cost of club administration plus the dues for the district and Kiwanis International. The district and international dues cover the cost of the many services that each renders to the clubs and Kiwanis members. The initiation fee for a new member is $55.00, which goes to the district and international. Dues are $165.00 each fiscal year, which begins October 1st and should be paid by April 1st of the following year. This covers the costs of the year’s annual dues to the district and international. Multiple payment plan options are available, such as paying monthly until dues are met or paying one lump sum. If you were a previous member of a Circle K International (the collegiate level of Kiwanis) then the new member fee is waived.

In comparison to the great satisfaction that membership in Kiwanis brings, and in view of the great contribution that Kiwanis Clubs make to our communities, the cost is minimal.

Please contact us for more information.